Advanced Specimen Testing

Advantages of Advanced Specimen Testing

By using a combination of hair and oral fluid testing, employers can create a safer workplace environment. Both offer several advantages over traditional, urine-based drug testing programs.  These include: 

  Reduced opportunity for donor adulteration, substitution, or dilution
  Collections are safe & simple 
  No shipping hazardous bodily fluids
  Eased burden of observed collections
  Improved shipping efficiency (no need for special storage or packaging)
  Testing for both long-term lifestyle choices & recent usage
  Valid & admissible in court
  Both methods offer many panels to meet  different testing needs

Advanced Specimen Testing for International Programs

Unlike urine specimens, hair and oral fluid specimens do not deteriorate rapidly during transit. Because of this, both hair and oral fluid are quickly becoming the methodologies of choice for multinational corporations.  The ability to use one centralized laboratory eliminates the challenges of establishing and managing a network of regional urine laboratories.  In addition, Omega’s accreditation to ISO / IEC 17025 Standards for Laboratory Testing is recognized worldwide as the gold standard and is even required in many countries.

Omega Laboratories also offers Custody and Control Forms and training materials in multiple languages to help to facilitate collections worldwide. Please contact us today to discuss how we can accommodate your global testing needs. 

Who is Using Advanced Specimen Testing?

Omega Laboratories currently provides advanced specimen testing services for:
  • Airlines and Aviation Professionals
  • Over 50% of Class I Railroad Operators
  • Motor Carriers worldwide
  • Oil and Pipeline
  • Military and Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Nuclear Energy 

What is Hair Testing?

Hair testing is a process in which hair specimens are analyzed for the use of illicit drugs. Omega Laboratories uses detection levels and confirmation methods that follow government recommendations.

When compared to other forms of testing, hair samples can detect a much longer period of drug use.  For example, urinalysis can only detect hard drugs within 2-3 days of use.  After this period, a donor will be free of the drug, test negative and slip through the screening process.  By comparison, the industry standard is to test 1.5 inches of head hair for approximately three months of history.  This is important in pre-employment testing where most candidates are aware that a drug test might be required and can otherwise abstain accordingly.  

Hair Testing has been proven to be the most effective method for Pre-Employment testing when compared to urine testing
  • Drilling / Energy – 6X higher positive rate 
  • Manufacturing – 5X higher positive rate 
  • Transportation – 5X higher positive rate
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What is Oral Fluid Testing?

With oral fluid testing, saliva samples are tested for parent drugs and their metabolites. An absorbent collection device is placed in the mouth and the saliva collected is screened for drugs of abuse. Samples are checked to verify the saliva is human.  Oral fluid offers a substance detection time frame similar to urine and blood testing, but oral fluid samples do not require special collection facilities or working with hazardous bodily fluids.

It is important to note that Omega’s oral fluid testing is a completely laboratory based process. While some instant oral fluid collection devices may be available, they are often not properly cleared by the FDA and lack the sensitivity required to detect usage of certain drug classes. It is for these reasons that a laboratory-based process must be used in order to secure valid results. 

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Why Test with Omega?

By using a combination of hair and oral fluid testing through Omega Laboratories, employers can create a safer workplace environment. Both offer several advantages over traditional, urine-based drug testing programs.  

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