Legality of Hair Testing

Over the past twenty-five years, there has been dramatic growth in the development, validation, and application of hair analysis to detect drugs in human hair. Hundreds of studies and syntheses on hair drug testing have been published since its infancy in the mid-1950's up to present day. These studies have examined how hair drug testing is best utilized, the physiological intricacies of this matrix, and the ability of laboratories to perform forensically sound and legally defensible hair drug tests.

The support of hair testing includes studies from FBI laboratories and the U.S. Department of Defense. Additionally, the The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime published Guidelines for Testing Drugs under International Control in Hair, Sweat and Saliva as far back as 2001. Thousands of hair tests are performed worldwide each day for companies that have successfully implemented hair testing programs. These employers recognize that it is an accurate and reliable test that deters drug use among workers. The nearly three decades of hair testing’s real world usage has lead to studies and publications by researchers performed on large populations in diverse settings of workplace, court, and school drug testing programs.

Hair testing has been proven as acceptable evidence in Court systems throughout the U.S. and worldwide. Hair testing is currently used as evidence in criminal, civil and military courts and has passed the admissibility of expert testimony known as the Frye Rule, the Federal Rules of Evidence, and the Daubert Rule.

Key Hair Testing Court Cases

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